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Sunday, September 16, 2012

OSU back to school Craigslist postings rise

OSU back to school Craigslist gay MSM posting 'new to town, new room to break in - 21'

PHOTO: screenshot of a gay MSM ad by a returning Oregon State University student saying, "New town, new room to break in - 21 (Corvallis)," posted on Date: 2012-09-15, 10:45PM PDT.

Craigslist postings virtually disappear during summer break at Oregon State University and then they rise again when students come back for fall term. Apparently, non-student Corvallis residents are in the minority because they generate few postings. Also, perhaps postings fall during the year because new students try out Craigslist and find they get a better response by cruising the OSU Pride Center or other campus places where cute boys hang out.

OSU classes don't begin until Sept. 24, 2012, but many students arrive in town early to secure the best housing spots and then stick around bored with nothing to do. Some of the ads by gay college students are very specific about wanting to bottom only, etc. This college student's Craigslist ad is more romantic and it epitomizes the feelings probably shared by many gay OSU students:

"Just moved here, already bored and don't know anyone down here haha, but I am kind of awkward with the whole bar scene. Looking for someone who would just want to hang out and drink and see what happens. 6' blue eyes, played two years of college baseball and planning for more. Message me back with a pic if you are interested "
(Quoted from "New town, new room to break in - 21 (Corvallis)," posted on Date: 2012-09-15, 10:45PM PDT)

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