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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jack Baker University of Minnesota Prof. Kevin P Murphy OutHistory advisor

Kevin P Murphy University of Minnesota history professor PHOTO: Kevin P. Murphy University of Minnesota Department of History Associate Professor (See About "Board of Advisors At Large" includes Kevin P. Murphy, Kevin Murphy publications and Kevin Murphy home page).

I recently noticed that University of Minnesota Department of History Associate Professor Kevin P. Murphy is a member of the "Board of Advisors At Large". I hope to make contact with him and ask if he has any questions about my history that I contributed to the Web site leading up to the Oregon State University Pride Center by Thomas Kraemer, "Corvallis, Oregon State University gay activism 1969-2004," posted April 30, 2010. The shortened URL will also go to it more easily if you are text messaging or hand typing the link.

My history of OSU documents the connection to the gay activism of Jack Baker at the University of Minnesota. Below are some links to the history of Jack Baker and gay marriage activism at the University of Minnesota. My most significant observation is that both gays and straights back then thought Jack Baker was crazy to seek marriage, which was considered contrary to the goals of gay liberation and sexual liberation by both feminists and men. Today, gay marriage is a mainstream goal supported by the President of the United States Barack Obama. This large change still amazes me.

University of Minnesota Jack Baker history