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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

John Becker ex-gay expose on Corvallis PBS TV tonight

VIDEO: by itlmedia, "Ex-Gay Undercover," posted Aug. 31, 2012. John Becker is an activist who investigates anti-gay religious extremists. IN THE LIFE follows Becker into the Bachmann clinic in Minnesota where he discovers the ongoing practice of debunked reparative therapies. See blog post by John M. Becker, "Video of the Day: In the Life Profiles TWO's Becker, Bachmann Clinic Operation," posted Sep. 4, 2012.

The local Corvallis, Oregon PBS TV station will be airing the above segment on ex-gays titled "The Truth Comes Out," tonight Sept. 5, 2012 between 11PM and Midnight (note that time may vary due to Democratic Convention coverage). A free over-the-air digital HDTV broadcast is available in Corvallis on Channel 7-1 and also available on Corvallis cable TV channel 10.

It was fun to hear a young man from the Wisconsin and Minnesota area where I grew up. I noticed his St. John's shirt, which is the major Catholic university in Minnesota where I met my first gay man decades ago and he happened to be a Catholic priest!

The importance of Wayne Besen's crusade against ex-gay organizations is an important one. Last year I donated money to have him come and talk at Oregon State University for students. See previous post "Wayne Besen ex-gay speech for OSU Pride History Month," (10/6/11)

Nearly a decade ago, the famous gay activists Jack Nichols ran my book review (see Thomas Kraemer, "Why Do Ex-Gays Matter?" posted December 08, 2003) that discusses Wayne Besen's "Anything but straight" book, which is also available in the OSU library. (See previous post Jack Nichols Gay Today Archive (9/12/09) for links to all my Gay Today articles.)