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Thursday, April 20, 2017

OSU gay frat Δ Λ Φ recruits

OSU Delta Lambda Phi Barometer front page story Oct. 31, 2016

PHOTO: The front page and center spread of Oregon State University's student newspaper featured some of the new members of the colonized in 2016 IFC gay fraternity Δ Λ Φ (aka Delta Lambda Phi) that "focuses on creating a space for men of all sexual orientations and gender expressions to have the traditional Greek experience on campus." (See online version of the weekly print edition of story by Anna Weeks Greek Peek Blog Manager, "Fostering inclusivity - Delta Lambda Phi colonizes at OSU, IFC Fraternity to focus on creating an inclusive environment within the Greek system, support LGBTQ+ community," OSU Barometer weekly print edition, Oct. 31, 2016, p. 1, 8-9) See previous post OSU gay frat Δ Λ Φ organized by student Cory Zimmerman(11/3/16)

The gay OSU fraternity Δ Λ Φ (A.k.a. Delta Lambda Phi) is recruiting new members according to the student newspaper article by Brian Rathbone, News/Sports Chief, "Two smaller fraternities recruit in the Memorial Union Quad," Barometer, posted Apr. 11, 2017. The irony of this headline may be missed by younger students who do not recall the old theory that homosexuals were created by older, perverted men who would prey on boys for sex, who enjoyed it and passed the disease on to younger boys when they grew up to be men.

For more, see home page of the gay OSU Fraternity Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ Oregon Beta chapter at Oregon state, 120 Northwest 13th Street Corvallis, OR 97330 and see previous posts: