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Friday, April 14, 2017

Local TV news spreads Trump's fake news while claiming it is not

VIDEO: An exact audio copy of a video that is frequently being replayed during the local news broadcasts in both Portland and Corvallis, Oregon, of a man who identifies himself only as "Scott Livingston, vice president of news for this television station." (Posted by Diamond Joe, "Sinclair News Vice President Speaks On The "Danger" Of Fake News," posted Mar 23, 2017)

My local TV news stations have been constantly running the above propaganda on behalf of President Trump, and after learning about the politics behind it, I decided to write the following letter to the editor:

The "national media outlets" are being accused of spreading "fake news" by several local TV news broadcasts, receivable in Corvallis over-the-air, during a frequently replayed video, which is not labeled as opinion or an advertisement, of a man who identifies himself only as "Scott Livingston, vice president of news for this television station."

Livingston also sanctimoniously asks viewers to report directly to him, if they see any fake news on his stations, by using the station's website to contact him.

At first, I erroneously assumed this was a good manager trying to distance himself from President Trump's vicious "fake news" propaganda, but then I was very disappointed to learn that Livingston supported the election of President Trump by cutting a deal with Trump's campaign to broadcast "news" favorable to Trump and derogatory to Hillary Clinton on the hundreds of media outlets he controls nationwide.

Livingston's Sinclair Broadcasting Inc. will financially gain from any deregulation led by Trump, especially the elimination of FCC rules restricting TV station owners - rules originally put in place decades ago to prevent the spreading of government propaganda.

The local TV stations controlled by Sinclair include Eugene's network affiliates CBS Channel 13 KVAL-TV and NBC Channel 16 KMTR-TV, plus Portland's network affiliate ABC Channel 2 KATU-TV, which is receivable in Corvallis via its UHF channel 47 translator.

Like a typical bully, Trump duplicitously spreads "fake news," but then whines like he is a victim when others spread it about him.

(Quoted from Thomas Kraemer, "'Fake news' on local TV?" Gazette-Times, Apr, 14, 2017, p. A8 posted online as "A misleading pitch about fake news")

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