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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

OSU 'Greek Pads' features fraternity house Phi Delta Theta

Terry Baker shrine in OSU frat Phi Delta Theta, composite Facebook photos and a beloved mom car PHOTO: still frames from the college student production "Greek Pads - Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ" first aired May 19, 2009 on Oregon State University KBVR TV 26 student run TV station broadcast on Corvallis Comcast Cable public access channel 26. The show apes the cable channel MTV's "Cribs" program. (Also see GREEK PADS is on Facebook) Pictured from the top is Phi Delta Theta frat President showing off his house's shrine to their frat brother Terry Baker who as a former quarterback for the Oregon State University football team won the 1962 Heisman Trophy, and in the same school year played the Final Four in the NCAA Basketball Tournament Also, the frat president shows off the traditional fraternity "composites" of previous house members' mug shots that was the motivation for Facebook (middle). Plus a shorts and leather thong wearing frat house boy shows off his beloved automobile that his frat brothers tease him by calling it a "soccer mom car," to which he defensively replies, "Hey, it gets me around" (bottom). This very crude, but entertaining student production was produced by OSU students Justin Molter and Jacob Curtis. (Also see Fraternity Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ Oregon Beta chapter at oregon state 120 Northwest 13th Street Corvallis, OR 97330)

Covers of gay fraternity books by Greg Herren and Shane L. Windmeyer

PHOTO: The inherently real homoerotic and gay fantasy overtones of all-male college fraternities is shown by the covers of the gay fraternity books by Shane L. Windmeyer, "Out on Fraternity Row, Personal Accounts of being gay in a college fraternity," Alyson Books, 1998 and Greg Herren, "Frat Sex, Stories of sex in college Fraternities," Alyson Books, 2004.

College fraternity boys work hard to maintain their "big man on campus" reputation of having no trouble getting dates with the women. However, the inherent structure of all-male college fraternities has homoerotic overtones, which compels many of the heterosexual frat boys to act out even more macho in order to prove they are not gay.

The episode "Greek Pads - Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ" shows this exaggerated macho behavior as the frat president shows the camera through the house.

The fraternity president Paul Clem introduces himself as "the captain of the ship." He proudly takes credit for growing the frat from when had fewer members about 10 years ago. Interestingly, the pictures frames filled with former housemates, which he calls "composites" and were the motivation for Facebook, date back only to 1981. I wonder how the older pictures were lost -- was there a fire or other destruction that happened?

He proudly declares that the living room was redecorated by the "mom's club," which I assume is the mothers of the frat boys. He points out the plastic plants and credits them for being durable, presumably to stand up to frat boy abuse.

The frat president then takes the camera to the basement "bro den" and up to the top floor "crow's nest" that he lived in for one term. The sleeping porch is filled with bunk beds that the boys have draped blankets to get a little bit of privacy, which the president explains by saying, "When the house is rockin, don't bother knocking." I assume he was referring to sex, but I wonder if the boys only masturbate or do they actually have sex with girls in their bunks?

While showing off the Presidential Suite, the president shows his gaudy red velvet heart-shaped pillow that he hangs on his door knob, which he explains is for "If I need a little time to make a little magic," which i assume is an oblique reference to banging a girl? He then brags about his futon and shoe collection (how gay!) He also brags about having satellite TV in every room with HD. Near the end, the frat boys show off their bathroom shower facilities, recreation areas, and "rides," such as the beloved car shown above. Frat brother Chase shows off his RetroGlide bicycle that he brags has oversized handlebars, a bell and 7 gears. (How Gay!)

I assume that some of the frat boys are smart nerds, given OSU is a heavy science and engineering college. Evidence of this is the frat president's comment as he enters the room where he points out the two brothers who are always playing chess.

Although the production values of this show are obviously low-budget, the talent of the two producers shines through. It is truly enjoyable to watch an interesting program even if it lacks professional shine.

UPDATE (2/2/12): Martin Forde, "Greek chapters experience significant rise in membership, OSU Greek life has expanded past 2,800 student members, parallels growth of university," Barometer, Feb. 1, 2012