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Sunday, October 7, 2012

OSU gay party Facebook event vs. gay bars of past

Facebook screen shot of gay party event showing Catholic alter boys

PHOTO: (click photo to enlarge) screen shot of a 21st ad for the gay party near Oregon State University titled "Rainbow goes back to Catholic School" public event announcement posted on Oct. 5, 2012. Joshua Mayer posted a reply ironically asking the stereotypical gay question, "What should I wear if I do go??" Students of the theory of gay "camp" will recognize this party theme and response as being the epitome of camp. The Rainbow in the Clouds Corvallis, Oregon Facebook page says, "Every First Friday, we gather together to celebrate diversity! Each month is themed and deliciously diverse with DJs, a photo booth, donated freebies and goodies, and best of all, filled to the brim with PRIDE! Part of the proceeds from each event is donated to a specified organization that supports equal rights and opportunities." The gay party this time was held at Cloud & Kelly's Public House 126 Sw First St. Corvallis, Oregon

Craigslist screen shot in men seeking men ads to promote the Catholic School party

PHOTO: (click photo to enlarge) screen shot of Craigslist ad for "Rainbow in the Clouds - 21 (Cloud and Kelly's)," (section for men looking for sex with men) posted Oct. 4, 2012. The campy party ad says, "Okay kids, Check your guilt at the door. Salvation will have you dripping with holy water at this month's Rainbow in the Clouds. We need all you ex-altar boys (and girls) to come get righteous on the dance floor. Listen to the confessions of your box and pull out that rosary bead by bead. Dancing is a beautiful vertical expression of horizontal desires. Priests and nuns are also welcome but you might need to strap on the chastity belt! Friday Oct 5th!! Starts at 10. $3. . . Get more details on Facebook: Search for Rainbow in the Clouds and look under our events page. This is big gay dance party held on the first Friday of every month in Corvallis. This event is a fundraiser for the gay community. This month's beneficiary is the Rainbow Continuum group from OSU." The party organizers wisely knew a posting on Craigslist would catch many new Oregon State University students looking for gay sex (before they figure out that going to a party like this one is a better way to hook up than using Craigslist!). Gay party organizing has become much easier today with social media technology compared to having to use coded classified newspaper ads in the past. The only thing that hasn't changed is the campy gay party themes that can only be fully appreciated by students of theater and gay camp history.

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PHOTO: the gay party was held at Kelly's Public House near 126 SW 1st St, Corvallis, OR (Google Maps). Typical of a small town that can't support a dedicated gay bar, this restaurant brags about their "family friendly" menu, including opening for lunch service, something you would have never seen at a 20th Century gay bar.

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