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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Update on free over-the-air HDTV reception in Corvallis

Thomas Kraemer shown in attic adjusting UHF-only antenna in front page story by Thomas Kraemer, 'Tricks to tame your digital TV,' Gazette-Times, Mar. 8, 2009, p. A1, A6

PHOTO: My front page story, giving tricks to solve DTV reception problems in the Albany and Corvallis area, was in the Sunday newspaper article by Thomas Kraemer, "Tricks to tame your digital TV," Gazette-Times, Mar. 8, 2009, p. A1, A6. (See previous post My front page DTV story Sunday newspaper (3/8/09))

It has been seven years since I wrote the above article on HDTV reception in Corvallis, Oregon and so I decided to write for the local newspaper the following update on how much easier it is to get free over-the-air high definition TV reception today:

Free over-the-air digital TV reception in Corvallis has improved greatly since this newspaper's Mid-Valley Sunday edition printed the story, "Tricks to tame your digital TV," on Mar 8, 2009.

Most Eugene TV stations are now broadcasting more powerful signals that are easier to receive in Corvallis with a smaller antenna.

Likewise, some Portland digital TV stations have built translators near Corvallis to retransmit their signals, which make them very easy to receive.

For example, the Portland high definition TV virtual channels 2-1 KATU (displayed as 2.1 on some sets) and 8-1 KGW can be easily tuned in on many Corvallis HDTV sets just by typing their physical RF channel number 47 or 48 on the remote control. (Consult your manual and for the angle your antenna needs to be pointed.)

Oddly, the Corvallis Comcast Cable TV system for decades has always carried channels 2 and 8 in low definition, but never in HD, which is contrary to the customer demand for cable to provide a better picture without needing an antenna, in addition to prior FCC must-carry local station rules and franchise agreements with the City of Corvallis.

(Quoted from Thomas Kraemer, "Area TV reception is improving," Corvallis Gazette-Times Albany Democrat-Herald Mid-Valley Sunday, May 15, 2016, p. A8 posted May 11, 2016 as "Letter: TV reception improves")

Below are two tables that list free over-the-air virtual channel numbers and the corresponding physical RF channel numbers for a few selected Portland and Eugene, Oregon digital TV stations receivable in Corvallis, Oregon:

Selected Eugene DTV channels receivable in Corvallis, Oregon
Virtual channel RF Channel Station
13 13 KVAL CBS
16 17 KMTR NBC
28 29 KEPB PBS
34 31 KLSR FOX

Selected Portland DTV channels receivable in Corvallis, Oregon
Virtual channel RF Channel Station
8 48 KGW NBC