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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bend, Oregon Subaru ad in local gay newspaper supports Gay Pride celebration

Astoria Gay Pride headline over lesbians featured in Subaru of Bend Oregon ad in gay newspaper PQ May/June 2016, p. 4

PHOTO: Display ad for Subaru of Bend (Oregon) that claims to be the "West Coast's Oldest Subaru Dealership" at 2060 Ne Hwy 20, Bend, OR 97701 was printed in an Oregon gay newspaper, PQ Monthly, May/June 2016, p. 4 (May/June 2016, p. 4 ( On the same page was an article by the newspaper's editor, Marco Davis, "Astoria's Inaugural Gay Pride," PQ Monthly May/June 2016, p. 4, scheduled to be held in June in the small town of Astoria, Oregon that Marco moved to in 2008. Marco says, "I recall my first Pride experience in Manhattan, 1994. I was terrified. I had images of what I always had (by always, I meant since 1991, when I had my first taste of gay) heard happened at Pride celebrations. In my conservative Catholic mind . . . Many years later, while at school at the University of Oregon, I went to the Pride gathering at Alton Baker Park, and while a bit more a part of this community, I still found myself lurking in the shadows, not feeling strong enough to love the gay part of myself. Why?"

I have heard many lesbian comedians joke about the popularity of the Subaru automobile with the lesbian community, who are also often associated with having a dog in the back of the Subaru. As a Subaru owner, who is not a lesbian, I can only guess the reason is because Subaru cars are gender queer in the sense that they have a little bit of masculine -- all-wheel drive that allows you drive in bad snowy weather to athletic events popular in Bend, Oregon -- and a little bit of feminine -- they are small enough to be parked in a normal garage or parking place and they do not require a ladder to climb into as some of the more masculine full-size four-wheel drive off-road vehicles require. Subaru cars work perfect for weekend gardening and their hatch back end is set up to take the abuse of wet ski clothing, or a wet dog.

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