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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Make your own 'sex toys' hits front page of OSU student newspaper

Front page Barometer, May 4, 2016, OSU Pride Week make your own sex toys

PHOTO: The OSU Pride Week event "make your own sex toys" is featured in the Oregon State University student newspaper story by Sarah Weaver, "Celebrating sexuality, OSU pride Week continues, events throughout campus," OSU Barometer, May 4, 2016, p. 1, that says "According to Williams, who has been working with the Rainbow Continuum since the beginning of fall term, events such as the Make Your Own Sex Toy event require months of planning -- Rainbow Continuum has been planning the event since the beginning of February." (Screen shot from reader version)

The above May 4 story on the OSU Pride Center's "Make Your Own Sex Toy event," admirably mentioned the "safe sex supplies" provided by the organizers, but it did not spell out that sex toys should always be used with a fresh condom or sterilized before use to prevent the transmission of diseases. Only the higher grade sex toys made out of silicone can be boiled to sterilize them because most sex toys would melt or burn up if you sterilized them and so it is easier to cover them with a condom to keep them clean to prevent the spreading of diseases.

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