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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dan Savage tells readers to not send armed militia camping in Oregon dildos

Dildo partially inserted in Reality Female Condom plus original package design PHOTO: The type of supplies that are being sent to the armed militia camping in Oregon include a dildo, shown above partially inserted into a female condom, which feminists and AIDS activists hoped would help stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. (See my previous posts Michael Petrelis, female condoms, PEG-ES enemas for gay men (3/14/09), FDA approves 2nd female condom, but not for gays (3/13/09) and Female condom for anal sex editorial (5/12/09))

A militia group that is camping in Oregon, because it wants to privatize public lands, prompted the following news headline: BURNS, Ore. (AP), "Frustration grows as armed Oregon standoff continues ," posted Jan. 26, 2016.

In response, the Seattle newspaper columnist Dan Savage humorously gave the following advice to readers who asked how to properly recycle their old dildos in both a safe and environmentally correct manner:

" In Seattle, where I live, a community tool bank recently opened in my neighborhood-but they don't collect and lend the kind of tools you're looking to donate. . . . burying sex toys isn't environmentally responsible. And while high-quality dildos can be cleaned and safely reused, most people are pretty squeamish about the idea. Which is odd, considering that we routinely reuse actual cocks that have been enjoyed by others-so why not the fake ones?

"But even if I can't tell you what to do with your dildos, . . . I can tell you what not to do with them: Do not ship your used dildos to the anti-government militia currently occupying a federal wildlife refuge in rural Oregon. After militia members asked supporters to send them supplies -- via the US Postal Service -- their spokesperson complained bitterly about all the dildos they were getting in the mail. So if you decide to put your used dildos in a box and send them somewhere, RRR, please make sure the address on the box doesn't read: Bundy Militia, c/o Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, 36391 Sodhouse Lane, Princeton, OR, 97721."
(Quoted from Dan Savage, "Savage Love: No Place for Old Dildos," posted Jan. 20, 2016)

Dan Savage, as part of his answer, also references a colleague's blog post by Shelby R. King, "SLOG - Hey #bundyeroticfanfic: There Are Actual Double-Headed Dildos At the Wildlife Refuge," posted Jan 13, 2016, who noted the news report that said one of the protestors "Jon Ritzheimer wants you to stop sending your "hate mail," to the militia holed up at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. And by hate mail, Ritzheimer means dildos and other assorted dicks."

I first heard about this story on an early morning TV newscast that was staffed with a fill-staff of young twenty-something anchors, who laughed while telling the story that people were sending "phallic shaped" objects to the militia group because the militia group had asked to be sent camping supplies to support their militia operation. It did not surprise me that all of the newscasts I saw later in the day had deleted any reference to these "phallic" objects, and I suspect this censorship was intentionally ordered by an older station manager who wanted to avoid complaints from prudish viewers and possible fines from the FCC for violating the decency rules for free over-the-air broadcast TV stations.

One of the armed protestors was shot today and some others were arrested. It appears the seigie is nearing its end.

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