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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Oregon Obamacare versus Medicare comparison letter

My local newspaper printed my letter to the editor about my experience with the Oregon's new Obamacare website versus Medicare:

During the recent open enrollment for Oregon's Obamacare at I compared what it costs for a Corvallis early retiree at age 64 versus a 65 years old Medicare recipient with President Bush's Part D drug coverage.

I found 69 Obamacare plans offered in Corvallis Zip code 97330 that ranged in price from $420 to $938 per month.

Most Medicare recipients in Corvallis pay monthly premiums of only $104.90 per month plus approximately $30 per month for Part D drug coverage, however, Medicare prominently discloses that the government pays most of the actual costs equal to $826.60 for Medicare Part A and B plus approximately $63.40 per month for Part D drug coverage, as calculated using Bush's delayed cost method also used by Obamacare.

Shockingly, this adds up to annually over $10,000 per Medicare recipient without including the additional dollars spent on co-payments, deductibles and other uncovered medical costs.

Younger Republicans are furthering their agenda, of cutting Social Security and Medicare to lower taxes, by stoking resentment in young voters with the above facts and the propaganda that the Baby Boom Generation will bankrupt the system and leave them nothing.

If Democrats fail to convince voters that capitalism and free market competition will not control medical costs, then eventually only the wealthy will be able to afford medical care.

(Quoted from Thomas Kraemer, "Letter: Soon, only the wealthy will be able to afford insurance," Gazette-Times, Dec. 8, 2014)

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