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Saturday, December 13, 2014

My new kitchen chairs finally match my Herman Miller table

My Eames kitchen chairs and Herman Miller Table TV HP Touchsmart

PHOTO: A rainy Oregon day can be seen outside my kitchen window beside my new Eames Aluminum Management Chairs that finally match my previously acquired Herman Miller table -- a Twentieth Century design I have always admired and that seems to remain in fashion with TV set designers today. Even though i have become color blind, I picked the slate (bluish) leather to pick up on the light blue kitchen cabinets I have. For me, the chairs and table work well next to a wall-mounted HDTV (which I can no longer see, but I can listen to the TV news) and an HP TouchSmart computer with a touch screen interface to Windows 7 OS and integrated HDTV. I bought the HDTV and computers shortly before I had a stroke that legally blinded me, but fortunately not enough to be unable to post this photo. Behind the wall on the left is my laundry room, which I mentioned in my previous post New laundry room attic vent installed for Speed Queen Washer Dryer plus future cooktop (12/6/14), where I explained, "It seems like everything in my house is going obsolete and needs to be repaired or replaced. . . . For example, my kitchen chairs are breaking up and unrepairable, therefore I just bought a couple of designer Eames Aluminum Management Chairs designed by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller, in Vicenza Leather with chrome legs (17171), which I hope to blog about after they arrive as promised next week." Done!

"When Charles and Ray Eames designed the Eames Aluminum Management Chair and Side Chair (1958), they created a revolution in seating that has lost none of its edge. These chairs were originally developed as a special project for a private residence being designed by Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard. Moving away from the Eameses' shell forms of the 1940s, the designers combined a newly affordable aluminum frame with a sling seat that subtly conforms to the body's shape." (Quoted from Eames chairs product information)

Fortunately, my bad luck with damaged shipments and poorly built designer furniture appears to have been broken this time -- the chairs came in perfect shape, undamaged and appear to have been built with excellent materials and craftsmanship. Caution, your mileage may differ.