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Friday, August 12, 2016

Recreational marijuana now legal in Oregon

Loudlollies package and Oregon Health Authority warning card

PHOTO: I recently bought and taste tested the cannabis lollypops shown above, as packaged in a foil package imprinted with the brand name "Loud Lollies Very Potent Pops" ( (redirects to accessed Aug. 12, 2016)), which are now legal to buy in Oregon for recreational use, and not just for medical use with a doctor's permission as it was before. The dispensary told me they were required by law to also give me the Oregon Health Authority warning card that says it might harm a baby. The promotional website says, "Loud Lollies are the newest creation from Elevated, part of the Cannect Network. They are created by hand, each one with attention to detail. Many flavors are in the works but these are the originals, the ones that got much attention on the East Coast in medicinal communities. Crunch one now, lick some and save some for later, any way you go you can't beat Loud Lollies."

I haven't been high on marijuana since the 1970's (I hope the statute of limitations applies here). This was back when a joint was often passed around at social gatherings and marijuana brownies were often baked by college students. Of course, I stopped breathing or eating cannabis before obtaining a U.S. Navy top secret security clearance that was required by the research project I worked on, and I also never took it up again after going out into the corporate world due to the fear of being caught.

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Oregon, I decided to taste test the cannabis lollypops "Loud Lollies Very Potent Pops" (see photo above), which I was able to legally purchase in Oregon for recreational use.

I clearly recall in the 1970's eating a marijuana brownie at a newspaper reporter's home in Omaha Nebraska, which made me so high that I laid on the floor in front of a TV set and watched a TV commercial for the Merrill Lynch stockbrokers showing a stampede of bulls running toward the camera. It literally felt like the bulls were running over me. (Coincidentally, I recently learned that this reporter was a pedophile see previous post I was unknowingly a boarder in the home of convicted pedophile and Omaha World-Herald reporter Peter Citron (7/2/16))

I also decided to compare the effectiveness of marijuana lollypops to relieve pain that I know is treatable with a prescription opioid medicine, such as Percocet. I confirmed what I had been told, which is that marijuana will work just as well as the prescription opioid medicines. Of course, the side effects of both treatments are dry mouth and general lethargy and so I will use either one only when desparate for relief from my stroke-related neuropathy.

In any case, it has been interesting to watch the oral panic over marijuana over the last half-century, starting in the 1960's it was a political statement by hippies, whose political philosophy was opposed by Presidents Nixon and Ronald Regan, who both escalated the war on drugs that has been costly. Today, most people no longer believe marijuana is dangerous as heroin, and sanity is slowly creeping across the country, but the Federal Government still legally classifies it this way, which means that my local dealer must use cash because no bank will accept his money. I hope to live long enough to see the day it is treated like the actually dangerous drug of alcohol, which causes many deaths annually.