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Thursday, October 1, 2015

OSU student who confronted anti-gay church goes off to law school

Oregon State University student Matt Enloe in Gazette-Times, Jun. 8, 2015

PHOTO: Oregon State University student Matt Enloe is profiled in the professional Corvallis, Oregon newspaper story by Bennett Hall, "Peaceful warrior: Matt Enloe has earned a reputation for defusing conflict at OSU," posted Jun. 8, 2015. The article describes how he organized on Facebook a response to the Westboro Baptist Church's protest at a memorial service for Philomath soldier Cody Patterson at OSU's LaSells Stewart Center in October 2013. On Facebook, he invited members of the community to help form a human wall to shield the Patterson family from the Westboro protesters, who have used military funerals as a platform for promoting a virulent anti-gay agenda. On the day of the funeral, more than 5,000 showed up to support the Patterson family. The Westboro Baptist Church was conspicuously absent. The newspaper's follow-up story says that Matt Enloe graduated with a Bachelor's in philosophy with a minor in psychology, and plans to go to University of Chicago Law School.

In my opinion, Matt Enloe should be a good fit for law school, especially after having been the President of the OSU student Advocates for Freethought and Skepticism and the OSU Philosophy Club. I wish him well in his future career at obtaining justice for all!

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Photo of OSU students streaking on Halloween night on the front page of The Barometer Nov. 3, 1975

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