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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

LED track lights for my home office computer room

ceiling mounted LED track lights for home office computer room

PHOTO: The lights in my home office computer room previously consisted of a standard single bedroom fixture that I recently replaced with an energy efficient LED track light, shown above, which generates little heat while focusing six bright individual lights onto my standard office metal file cabinet, my antique oak roll-top desk, my old-fashioned drafting board, my office copy machine scanner network printer, my storage closet and my computer work table. Although I still often need to see, given my low vision blindness, a flashlight magnifier along with other vision aids these new 2700 degree Kelvin color temperature LED lights have made things easier for me (I can't see very well with the higher color temperature LED lights). I also installed identical track lights over both aisles along my kitchen counters, and so I am now fully committed to using this technology for at least 20 years -- I pray it will last for the rest of my life without any maintenance or reliability issues. The manufacturer rates their LED units as having a life of 35,000 hours, which given my average usage should last for more than 20 years. The reason I wanted to have identical LED lamps in both my kitchen and office is so that I can easily store a few spare fixtures I can swap in if one or two fail prematurely. (To see the other sides of my office, see previous post Still alive after 'upgrade' to Windows 7 HP Workstation and Dream Color Monitor (1/26/14))

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