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Monday, July 7, 2014

Wheelchair accessible Speed Queen Washer Dryer replaces old Maytag stacker

Speed Queen AFN51washerADE41Fdryer installed July 3, 2014

PHOTO: my new wheelchair accessible Speed Queen Stainless Steel Washer Model AFN51F and Speed Queen Stainless Steel Dryer electric version Model ADE41F are both front load machines, with control knobs in the front, so that you do not need to reach over to a back control panel. Fortunately, I am still able to walk and talk, despite what neurologists think I should be having trouble doing based on my fMRI tests, and I don't yet need a wheelchair accessible machine, but since I was replacing my 26 years-old Maytag, I thought it would be wise to plan ahead for likely future need. (See Speed Queen Home Laundry Products accessed May, 2014 and the Speed Queen advertising brochures for the Speed Queen Stainless Steel Washer and Dryer AR08-100 - The Imperial Series Brochure AFN51F, ADE41F/ADG41F (PDF).

Laundry room shelf above front load Speed Queen washer dryer

PHOTO: UPDATE 12/27/14: I added a laundry room shelf, with a clothes hanger rod, above my new Speed Queen front load washer dryer pair that is next to a laundry tub. See previous posts Wheelchair accessible Speed Queen Washer Dryer replaces old Maytag stacker (7/7/14) and New laundry room attic vent installed for Speed Queen Washer Dryer plus future cooktop (12/6/14).

Maytag stacker washer dryer built 1988

PHOTO: My old Maytag stacker washer and dryer purchased in 1988, which only required a few minor repairs over the last 26 years -- hopefully my new Speed Queen washer and dryer will provide me with a similar quality experience in terms of reliability and dependability. I originally purchased this Maytag stacker washer and dryer when my employer moved me to the San Francisco Silicon Valley and I had to live in a small condominium, which only had limited space for a laundry room. Although I moved several times since then to full-sized houses, my old Maytag kept working and working so well that I didn't see any reason to replace it even though I had a full-sized laundry room.

User's manuals, installation guides and parts list for the Speed Queen Washer Model AFN51F and Dryer Model ADE41F electric version are listed below: