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Saturday, March 15, 2014

OSU Solidarity March from Pride Center

OSU Barometer 3/13/14 Solidarity March on front page and page 4

PHOTO: The official student newspaper of Oregon State University gave front page coverage to a march from the OSU Pride Center that was joined by the Oregon State University President Ed Ray and progressed to other cultural centers on campus. See Kate Schaake, "We, Too, Are OSU, Solidarity March raises awareness, joins community against hate," OSU Barometer, Mar. 13, 2014, p. 1, 4, Megan Campbell, Managing and news editor, "Students, allies to march for solidarity," posted Mar. 12, 2014 and "OSU students march for unity," posted Mar. 13, 2014.

I note that this march comes 10 years after when OSU President Ed Ray cut the ribbon at the official opening on October 11, 2004 of the OSU Pride Center at 1553 SW 'A' Avenue, Corvallis, Oregon, on the "National Coming Out Day." See Thomas Kraemer, "Corvallis, Oregon State University gay activism 1969-2004," Oregon State University Scholars Archives as printed to PDF 9/6/2010 2:44 PM from

I continue to be impressed with the leadership of OSU President Ed Ray over the last 10 years and I suspect he must be near retirement even though he is still providing vibrant leadership at OSU. I have also been glad not to be knowledgeable about the insider OSU politics surrounding major changes in leadership at OSU. It is clear that OSU leadership is undergoing major changes and the positive or negative consequences of these changes will be unknown for years. However, as somebody well versed in organizational politics for decades, I am confident that any needed course corrections will be made for the better, given enough time. See previous post OSU leaders fired and student view of genderism today (3/1/14).

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