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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Oregon gay marriage politics 2014

PHOTO: The Oregon State University Beavers basketball team was featured in a headline printed in red on the top of the local Corvallis, Oregon newspaper's front page above an upper left headline for the wire story by Maria L. La Ganga, Los Angeles Times, "Initiative Expected: Same-Sex Marriage election shapes up, Oregon's latest battlefront over legalizing gay wedlock," Corvallis Gazette-Times, Mar. 3, 2014, p. 3, which described the gay marriage politics in Oregon that was the topic of my previous letter to the editor. The editor had asked for timely letters and I accidently delivered! (See previous posts Letter on plutocrats and theocrats are not victims of liberals or gay marriage (2/23/14) and Oregon gay marriage advocates focus on the family while religious groups play the victim role (2/9/14)).

After my letter was published, a later letter writer objected to the Oregon Attorney General's decision not to defend the anti-gay marriage laws in Oregon: See letter to the editor by Ron Prevost, "Letter: Oregon's A.G. should do her job, defend ban on same-sex marriage," posted Mar. 3, 2014. (I don't know if he is the same Ron Prevost who has served as an engineering manager at Hewlett-Packard -- this is a small town and so it is likely.)

Some other links of interest:

The founder and former publisher of a longtime Portland, Oregon gay newspaper wrote the following history of anti-gay ballot measures in Oregon in her opinion piece for a new online gay newspaper: Renee LaChance, "Nothing Left to Lose: A Look at Oregon's Fight for Same-Sex Marriage," posted Feb. 27, 3014. Although her piece was criticized by a commenter for bragging too much about the accomplishments, or lack thereof, by Basic Rights Oregon, I thought it was a good history of some of the efforts to fight anti-gay ballot measures in Oregon over the last few decades. LaChance provided the following links to a streaming videos documentary on Ballot Measure 9. I haven't been able to watch them yet:

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