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Sunday, April 22, 2012

OSU God vs. gay speaker

a speaker at OSU, Jay Michaelson, OSU Barometer, Apr. 20, 2012, p. 1

PHOTO: a speaker at OSU, Jay Michaelson who doesn't feel that being gay and being religious are in conflict with each other, is featured in a front page story by Katja Kozber, "God versus Gay author Michaelson speaks about religion, being gay, Michaelson's talk explored the relationship between religion, those who identify as LGBT," OSU Barometer, Apr. 20, 2012, p. 1, 3.

The story said, "The event was put together by OSU softball coach Kurk Walker." I am sure the women softball players on his team were very supportive of Kurk.

I am glad to see a new generation is ready to take over from the work of Rev. Mel White, Rev. Troy Perry and others who have worked to bring religion to gay people in an affirming and positive manner. Until recently at OSU, there were too many preachers at OSU trying to use God to "help" students "pray away the gay" with unethical ex-gay therapy programs. (For an example that predates gay-friendly student groups at OSU, see the history by Thomas Kraemer, "Corvallis, Oregon State University gay activism 1969-2004," at

Photo of an ex-gay meeting notice in Barometer, Jan. 28, 1976, p. 2.

PHOTO: Ex-gay meeting notice: "How can a trend toward homosexuality be reversed?" (Barometer, Jan. 28, 1976, p. 2, predated the formation of gay-friendly OSU student groups. In Oct. 1975 an Oregon State University Experimental College classes on homosexuality included "Sexual Stereotypes in the Bible" with Instructor: Eric Landau, who represented the then anti-gay campus religious organization Westminster House. (See previous blog posts Doctors on homosexuality 1962, Doctors on homosexuality 1950 and the book "Anything But Straight," by Wayne Besen )