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Friday, April 20, 2012

Dan Savage Good, Giving, Game advice goes back to basics

Dan Savage so often gives the relationship sex advice to be "good, giving and game" that he uses the GGG abbreviation. It has even showed up on his new MTV TV show "Savage U" that follows him around to watch him talk at universities across America. (See the show's Web site MTV It's Your (sex) Life IYSL at

Having read Dan Savage for years, I have noticed that he will give gay boys instructions on gay anal sex by devoting a column to it every few years or so. For example, see the recent column by Dan Savage, "Ass Ed," The Stranger, April 17, 2012 that was also published in a local Oergon newspaper: Dan Savage, "Ass Ed," Eugene Weekly, April 19, 2012, p. 43. Also see the online piece by me, Thomas Kraemer, "Gay Anal Sex Ed: Learning the joy of being fucked in the ass painlessly," posted Jan. 1, 2006. Of course, now that an ischemic stroke has made me asexual, I have a whole different perspective, which I may write about in the future.

Another interesting sex advice column is written by an Oregon State University instructor for sex education Kathleen M. Greaves, Ph.D, "On another sex column, "orgasms without stimulation?" OSU Barometer, Wednesday, April 11, 2012. One student asks, "I was wondering if orgasm without any sort of physical stimulation is possible." Related to this question is the fact that orgasms from unconventional stimulation happens to many people. For example, see No handed cum Added: Nov. 11, 2006 and "Zusammen 2," Added: Dec. 12, 2007.