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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Total solar eclipse will pass over Corvallis and OSU

Solar eclipse path Corvallis GT May 21, 2017, p. A1

PHOTO: The path and time of the total solar eclipse over that will be seen over Oregon State University and Corvallis, Oregon is shown in graphic for the newspaper story by Bennet Hall, "Summer of the eclipse," Gazette-Times, Sun. May 21, 2017, p. A1, A4. Corvallis is set for Aug. 21, 2017 at 10:16AM lasting about 1 iminute and 40 seconds. The last eclipse in Corvallis occurred on Feb. 26, 1979.

 Solar eclipse U.S. Postage stamp issued Jun. 20, 2017

PHOTO: "The Postal Service will soon release a first-of-its-kind stamp that changes when you touch it. The Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamp, which commemorates the August 21 eclipse, transforms into an image of the Moon from the heat of a finger." See press release U.S. Postal Service, "Total Eclipse of the Sun to be commemorated on a Forever Stamp," posted April 27, 2017

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