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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

OSU renters guide missing any mention of antidiscrimination in housing laws

The Daily Barometer Renters Guide 2016 Apr. 15, 2016

PHOTO: The Daily Barometer "Renters Guide 2016" Apr. 15, 2016 -- this is the annual, special 24-page issue of the Oregon State University student newspaper that features advertisements for many of the rental properties in Corvallis, Oregon, along with a few articles by students giving their opinions of how to survive finding housing in a town with a very low vacancy rate during the school year. Perhaps I overlooked it due to my low vision blindness, but I was surprised that this year there was no mention of Oregon's antidiscrimination in housing laws, or any references to housing for gay students in the dorms. Hopefully, some student will write on this topic next year. The typical student apartment costs about $500 to $600 per bedroom per month, or about $5,000 per 9-month school year, not including any food. Most students view this as much cheaper than the dorm costs mentioned on p. 5 and 19. A dorm room and meals for the nine-month school year will cost, for example, $11,103 next year, compared with $1500 in 1975 for the best room on campus. Clearly, this increase has outpaced inflation.

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Finally, on a totally unrelated note, see the articles by Bennett Hall, "Norovirus cases waning at OSU, not spreading off campus," posted Apr. 15, 2016 and Cheyenne Lever, "Norovirus cases on the decline at OSU," Barometer, Apr. 18, 2016, p. 3 -- I was out only once and I got infected and suffered for a week!