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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

OSU mails Corvallis residents glossy whitepaper on student conduct improvement efforts

Glossy newspaper Beaver Nation Corvallis Fall 2015 received in U.S. mail 12/8/15 - cover shows President Ed Ray and next page Corvallis livability index

PHOTO: A glossy newspaper from Oregon State University "Beaver Nation Corvallis," Fall 2015, with a cover letter to "Corvallis Community Members" from OSU President Ed Ray that sent to every "Postal Customer" in Corvallis via the U.S. Mail, which I received Dec. 8, 2015.

Just days after the local newspaper in Corvallis printed my Thomas Kraemer, "As I See It: OSU's growth is a good problem to have," Gazette-Times, Nov. 30, 2015, p. A7, Oregon State sent via the U.S. Mail, to every resident of Corvallis, a glossy whitepaper touting the improvement in "Corvallis livability" due a reduction in the number of student conduct cases they were having to manage. (See previous post Dealing with OSU growth and student conduct issues affecting Corvallis townies (11/30/15))

As a result, I thought it was fair to submit the following letter to the editor as an update to my previous opinion piece:

Every Corvallis "Postal Customer" recently received in their U.S. mailbox a glossy newspaper (Beaver Nation Corvallis, Fall 2015) featuring a cover letter from Oregon State University President Ed Ray to "Corvallis community members," and on the following page a graph showing the decline in "calls for service," as a measure of improvement for Corvallis "community livability," thanks to efforts led by Carl Yeh, director of OSU's office of student conduct.

Coincidentally, it arrived only a few days after the G-T printed (Nov. 30) my "As I See It: OSU's growth is a good problem to have," which called for leadership from President Ray and his staff in executing a fair and effective student conduct improvement process.

I assume OSU is sincerely using these metrics to help improve the student conduct process, instead of only for the reasons often parodied in "Dilbert" comic strips.

I worry these metrics will be ignored unless goals for them are set by the Board of Trustees of Oregon State University, none of whom live in Corvallis, but who are appointed by the Oregon Governor to hire OSU Presidents and who can be given feedback from Corvallis citizens via contact information found on the OSU Website.

(Quoted from Thomas Kraemer, "Don't let OSU ignore metrics," Gazette-Times, Dec. 23, 2015, p. A9)

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