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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is OSU building acronym for Learning Innovation Center lice or lick?

OSU Learning Innovation Center, or LInC

PHOTO: Learning Innovation Center (official acronym LInC) by Victoria Pence, "Innovative learning technology," OSU Barometer, Oct. 7, 2015, p. 1 printed on the front page of Oregon State University's student newspaper article by Sean Bassinger, Senior Beat Reporter, "The Learning Innovation Center," OSU Barometer, Oct. 7, 2015, p. 1. This new, high-tech classroom building has much promise, but its current state is summed up when the article quotes, "Skip Rochefort, an associate professor in chemical engineering, is among those who Dorbolo recommended to try one of the circular classrooms. Though he encountered some technical difficulties with one of the projectors in a classroom on the second floor, Rochefort's overall impression of the new building seemed to be a positive one. 'It's all pretty good once it works," he said. "Usually they have two projectors on both sides so everybody can see it, but the space is great. I love the space. . . . Leslie McDonald, an instructor in mathematics, . . said the dual-projection offered in rooms such as LInC-303 has given her more room to write longer equations and give better demonstrations.'" (UPDATED Oct. 7, 2015 - see previous post Is OSU building acronym for Learning Innovation Center lice or lick? (9/26/15) below that also lists the OSU Cultural Centers)

Andy Warhol Rolling Stones Sticky Finger zipper art showing white briefs inside

PHOTO: (click on photo to enlarge) the original Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers (1971) vinyl LP record music album cover has the famous licking lips logo and also a real zipper (top) that can be zipped open to reveal white underwear briefs inside. The photo is signed by artist Andy Warhol and is widely believed to be a photo of the gay porn icon Joe D'Allesandro. (See previous posts Wojnarowicz, Warhol, Smithsonian censorship and the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers zipper art (12/18/10), "Album Cover Joe," Web site accessed Apr. 12, 2003 and David Coleman, "POSSESSED; 1970's New York, On an Album Cover," New York Times, posted Feb. 9, 2003)

A new classroom building at OSU incorporates all of the latest technology. (See James Day, "New classroom building at OSU set to open," posted and James Day, "OSU opens high-tech classroom building," posted Sep. 22, 2015)

I was curious why the new Oregon State University Learning Innovation Center had been given the official acronym of LInC, and my curiosity peaked when I read the "Editorial: Roses and Raspberries for Sept. 25," Gazette-Times, Sep. 25, 2015, p. A9 posted September 11, 2015 5:15 am, which insinuated that OSU was worried that the acronym LIC would be pronounced "LICE" and so officials made the official acronym LInC.

This story may be true, but it seems to me that a worse mispronunciation would be "LICK," because the word lick has all sorts of sexually suggestive double entendre as seen in the Rolling Stones Album artwork.

On a very loosely related note, there is a new cultural center on campus, OSU Ettihad Cultural Center, which is described in the OSU student newspaper in the full-page letter from OSU President Ed Ray, "Welcome to a new year at OSU! A letter from President Ed Ray," Barometer (Back to school edition), Mon. Sep. 21, 2015, p. 6 posted Sep. 23, 2015.

OSU President Ray says, the word for the new cultural center Ettihad is "Arabic for 'union," however, my Google search for define:Ettihad yields the definition of it as the national airlines of the United Arabs Emirates, and Google suggests a slightly different spelling, Etihad, that yields no clear definition.

I hope to look into the meaning of this word further and blog my notes, starting with the official list below from the OSU Diversity & Cultural Engagement page accessed Sep. 25, 2015 of all the OSU cultural centers, including the OSU Ettihad Cultural Center that says it is "a cross-cultural resource for OSU students who have a cultural or ethnic background in central and southwestern Asia and northern Africa. It's also open for those who are interested in learning more about those cultures and regions." This center was created shortly after several local incidents occurred concerning Islam and students from the Middle East. I assume the incidents refer to the Islamic student being accused of being terrorists.

Oregon State University Cultural Resource Centers:

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