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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

OSU Dr. Sex quits her column reported in local newspaper

OSU Dr. Sex front page G-T Jun. 30, 2015, p. A1

PHOTO: the front page of my small college town's local newspaper featured the front-page story by James Day, "20 years as Doctor Sex: OSU's Kathy Greaves gives up column, but will remain unspoken," Gazette-Times, Jun. 30, 2015, p. A1. (Education: Bachelor's degree from the University of Hawaii (1992), master's (1995) and doctorate (2000) from OSU) Ironically, the G-T newspaper was deluged by angry readers for simply reporting on "gay marriage" a few decades ago, and today the editor still feels obligated to warn readers with a note that said, "This story contains adult language and sexual content that could offend some readers." See previous posts Street preachers raise free speech issue at OSU, Dr. Sex resigns and Bruce Jenner (6/3/15) and Artist of OSU Benny Beaver engineer mascot decal used it for other schools (6/6/15) to see a photo of tge classic Benny Beaver vs. the angry Beaver that Dr. Sex mentioned in the newspaper interview.

"Dr. Sex. Greaves, age 52, just finished her 20th year teaching human sexuality at Oregon State University. Greaves has pulled back from the Daily Barometer column that gave her the Dr. Sex nickname ... but she's not pulling back from being outspoken in class ... and during interviews. . .

Greaves said, "I got a celebratory tattoo for my 20th year." She then shows off the buck-toothed Benny Beaver on her left calf. "I went with classic Benny, not the rabid nutria," Greaves said of the updated OSU athletic logo. "That thing doesn't even look like a beaver." . . .

I get recognized all the time in airport. My guess is that it is all former students. Everywhere I go in Corvallis somebody recognizes me. I've had 40,000 students pass through my classes." . . .

. . .the two highest topics of interest for students are women's orgasms and anal sex. . ." (Quoted from James Day, "20 years as Doctor Sex: OSU's Kathy Greaves gives up column, but will remain unspoken," Gazette-Times, Jun. 30, 2015, p. A1)

I've speculated before about why she is quitting her column, other than her stated reason that she doesn't like the criticism of her work, and I still believe that a big reason has to do with the fact that being popular with the masses doesn't get one ahead in academia, where the "publish or perish" ethic prevails. OSU has always been fortunate to have dedicated instructors like Greaves who make students feel like they have learned something, compared to the more theoretical research oriented faculty who don't want to waste their time teaching students because they know it won't get them the fame, glory or a promotion to a better university position.