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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Chris D'Elia confirms Justin Bieber is a 'power bottom' in their sexual relationship

Chris D'Elia at Justin Bieber roast Comedy Central 3/30/15

PHOTO: The TV sitcom star and comedian Chris D'Elia (35 years old) is asked by host Andrew Santino about Chris's "sexual relationship" with the twink pop music star Justin Bieber" (21 years old) -- "who is the top?" To which Chris replies without hesitation that Justin is the "bottom," and then he instantly agrees that Justin is a "power bottom -- "PROMISE!!!" -- during the uncensored cable TV channel show, "Roast of Justin Bieber, Red carpet pre-show" Comedy Central, Mar. 30, 2015 9:30PM-10:00PM as seen on Comcast Corvallis cable ch. 760 ((main roast show aired 10PM - 12midnight)). The host prefaced his question with a comment insinuating that Justin was feminine and Chis was masculine, which implied Justin is a bottom, by asking, "Judging from you stature, and your relationship, and your height, and your age (close up shot makes him look like a burly bearded dominant top compared to the effeminate looking Justin).

A quick Google define:"power bottom" finds many links to the sexual politics of Top, bottom and versatile, especially as used by gay men plus anybody into bondage-discipline and submission-domination. Historically, the common and rigid heterosexual gender roles in society assumed a man was always on top of the woman in a sexual relationship, both literally during sexual intercourse, as well as figuratively in terms of the man's power in the relationship to decide things and force the woman to accept his decisions, along with the rigid idea that only a feminine partner can be paired up in a love relationship with a masculine partner, even if they are both of the same biological sex. Most of the early derogatory sexual stereotypes of gays and lesbians are based these assumptions. (e.g. the masculine bitchy butch dyke top lords over her femme female lover, or the swishy effeminate male blonde twink is the bottom in the relationship with the masculine bearded top man.)

Although many people voluntarily adopt these types of rigid gender roles, there are many people who choose not to because it makes them feel repressed and restricted in their self-expression of love.

I hope this blog post doesn't upset Justin's "true Bieleiber" fans like it did a few years ago when they executed a denial of service attack on my blog because of what I had said about their teen idol, which I won't repeat here. I assume his fans are more mature today, as evidenced by the Comedy Central roast, and they won't take offense like they did last time. (See previous posts John Waters, Justin Bieber, Graham Norton do three-way (12/13/10) and Tina Fey molests Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live (4/11/10))