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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Academy Awards host Neil Patrick Harris has underwear 'wardrobe failure'

87th Academy Awards Neil Patrick Harris underwear

PHOTO: Neil Patrick Harris wears only tighty whitey bikini underwear for his very gay costume during the live ABC TV network showing of the 87th Academy Awards. The next day on the "Live with Kelly and Michael Show" (2/23/2015 season 27, episode 125) Neil Patrick Harris tells the hosts that during the dress rehearsal the lights made the underwear see-through and the network censors had a wardrobe person sew on a second layer of underwear, so that you couldn't see anything, but Neil proudly noted that it was real and there was "no sock" stuffed in there to make it look bigger. I noticed that unlike other crazy costumes that former hosts had worn, this Kelly and Michael show was the only recap I saw that explicitly mentioned it. I heard only one female TV news anchor obliquely refer to it by jokingly telling her co-anchor not to have a "wardrobe failure" like Neil Patrick Harris did at the Oscars, which was also a reference to a previous scandal that occurred when this was the excuse one female gave for exposing herself at the Oscars. I suspect the lack of attention NPH got was due the straight media not appreciating the gay cultural meaning of this stunt. Revealingly, I bet somebody that got the joke was the anti-gay religious preacher James Dobson who has accused the SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon of being "pro-homosexual," Perhaps because of the way SpongeBob wore his tighty whitey underwear. (See previous post SpongeBob outed on Nick 10th anniversary show (7/25/09)).

Jim Palmer Jockey Y-front colored underwear ad in Newsweek, Jun. 20, 1983, p. 9

PHOTO: Jim Palmer played for the Baltimore Orioles Major League Baseball team (1965-1984) and posed for the above Jockey underwear ad in Newsweek, Jun. 20, 1983, p. 9. See previous post Jim Palmer Jockey underwear 1980s ads (7/2/09)

Andy Warhol Rolling Stones Sticky Finger zipper art showing white briefs inside

PHOTO: (click on photo to enlarge) the original vinyl LP record album cover for The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers music (1971) has a real zipper (top) that can be zipped open to reveal white underwear briefs inside. Opening the record jacket (bottom) reveals the back side of the glued on zipper (bottom left) and a photo signed by artist Andy Warhol that is widely believed to be of the gay porn icon Joe D'Allesandro. (See previous posta and Wojnarowicz, Warhol, Smithsonian censorship and the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers zipper art (12/18/10), "Album Cover Joe," Web site accessed Apr. 12, 2003 and David Coleman, "POSSESSED; 1970's New York, On an Album Cover," New York Times, posted Feb. 9, 2003)