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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Logo '1 Girl, 5 gays' apes Dan Savage's 'It Gets Better' with 'Straight Years Project'

Logo TV program One Girl, Five Gays

PHOTO: The reality TV program originally produced in Canada (see "1 Girl 5 Gays," MTV Canada) and now on Logo TV "1 Girl 5 Gays," (See Wikipedia) has in at least one episode of "1 Girl 5 Gays" shown on Logo TV 1:00AM Sept. 14, 2013 that asked the question, "Do you remember the years before it got better?" It also promoted the on with the slogan, "Because we're beyond embarrassment." This site appears to be aping the Seattle columnist Dan Savage's "It Gets Better Project" at that aims at helping gay youth who are coming out. See previous post Survivor of gay mental illness treatments in 'Out' magazine (9/25/12) and also see "MTV Announces New 'It Gets Better' Special," posted Sep. 17, 2012 -- Dan Savage helps gay kids get over the drama put on them by society -- "It Gets Better Project" (See Wikipedia), which says it "is an Internet-based project founded in the United States by Dan Savage and his husband Terry Miller on September 21, 2010.

It is heartwarming to see community efforts to help youth with a minority sexual orientation or gender identity find support that may be missing from their family or school environment. It is too easy to forget in this age of public gay marriages that many youth are still isolated and subject to the age-old practice of bullying by other children, which can seem like the end of the world to a child without anybody to talk to about it positively.