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Friday, February 15, 2013

OSU student paper on rape culture vs. strap-on love

OSU student paper on porn vs feminist theories of rape culture

PHOTO: (click on photo to enlarge) an opinion piece, by Harrison Pride, "Porn should be respected as a consensual sexual expression," Barometer, Feb. 14, 2013, p. 3, asks the questions, "If porn contributes to rape culture, is it just when a male views porn, or does it work the same as when a female views porn? Does lesbian or gay porn contribute to rape culture? Does porn of a solo female masturbating on camera contribute to rape culture? What if I watch porn of a female wearing a strap-on and anally penetrating a male partner, does that contribute to rape culture?" In the same issue ran another response to feminist theories by Steven McLain, Senior, history, "Letters to the editor Feb. 14, In response to the Feb. 13 guest column, Women's studies students belittle efforts to discourage rape," Barometer, Feb. 14, 2013.

This type of intellectual discussion is something that is hard to find except in a university setting. It reminds me of why I enjoy hanging around an academic environment. I must be getting old because the idea of a male bottom submitting to a female top strap-on is an idea that I had never heard of until I moved to San Francisco in the 1980s. I guess the internet has facilitated the dissemination of these types of very advanced sexual concepts that were only rarely talked about just a few decades ago amongst the most intimate of friends.