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Thursday, August 2, 2012

OSU gay football player Esera Tuaolo boyfriend troubles

Esera Tuaolo on cover of The Advocate, Nov. 26, 2002, cover headline reads 'Gay in the NFL, A football star for nine years, former Vikings lineman Esera Tuaolo reveals the truth about homophobia in the locker room and the dangers of the pro sports closet. PLUS: His boyfriend tells his side of their romance' PHOTO: Former Oregon State University and NFL player Esera Tuaolo came out on the cover of The Advocate. ("Tackling football's closet," By Bruce C. Steele, The Advocate, Nov. 26, 2002, cover story, pp. 3, 30-39) (See previous posts OSU gay sports panel (10/17/08), OSU Esera Tuaolo gay football star (8/12/06) and OSU gay football player 1908 (6/19/08))

This is old news, but I just got around to writing about the boyfriend troubles that the former OSU and NFL football player Esera Tuaolo has faced. I couldn't find any bad news updates. He was arrested on a domestic violence charge with his boyfriend, but those charges were dropped with his boyfriend saying it was all a misunderstanding. See C.J. Columnist, The Dish, "Former NFLer Tuaolo took charges to heart," Minneapolis Star-Tribune, posted June 28, 2011. I was reminded about this by Jim Burroway, "The Daily Agenda for Wednesday, July 11," posted July 11th, 2012 who celebrated Esera Tuaolo's 1968 birthday.