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Sunday, July 8, 2012

BusinessWeek says OR codes are falling out of favor

QR code for thomaskraemer dot blogspot dot com PHOTO: A QR code for the URL link to the Thomas Kraemer blog. QR is an abbreviation of Quick Response code that any smart phone should be able to photograph and decode to go here without having to manually type the link. See previous post: Quick Response QR code for potatoes and Thomas Kraemer blog (10/15/11)

The article by Mark Milian, "QR Code Fatigue, QR Codes have become ubiquitous -- just as they are falling out of favor with advertisers," BusinessWeek, July 2-8, 2012, p. 28-29 posted Jun. 28, 2012 says, "the small Tokyo-based team that invented the technology in 1994 at Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota Group. The company created the square codes to improve inventory tracking for auto parts, says Koji Fujiyoshi, an executive there." Plus, "the next version of its iPhone operating system is released. The new software includes a feature called Passbook, a digital wallet to store boarding passes, coupons, movie tickets, and gift cards-many of which rely on QR codes." The article notes for the future "Denso Wave is working on what it calls "the next generation of QR codes," including versions that are smaller and can securely transmit encrypted data."

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