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Friday, June 22, 2012

Slippery slope argument against marriage equality is predictable

ONE Magazine Aug. 1953 'Homosexual marriage?' cover headline PHOTO: ONE Magazine was ahead of its time when it mentioned the idea of "homosexual marriage" in 1953 long before "gay marriage" or same-sex marriage became a cause of some gay liberationists. (See James T. Sears, PhD, "1953: When ONE Magazine, Headlined 'Homosexual Marriage,'" posted Aug. 11, 2003 and my previous posts OSU W. Dorr Legg homosexual marriage 1953 vs. CA Prop 8 2010 (8/22/10), Gay free speech victory 50th anniversary (1/18/08) and Jack Baker gay marriage theory was right (4/8/09))

I tried to resist replying to a predictable anti-gay letter, but I couldn't because there was something about it that deserved a reply:

Multiple letters by one reader started out by politely asking why marriage equality supporters are silent about polygamy. After several replies by offended readers, his latest letter predictably tried to use the specious "slippery slope" argument.

Apparently, he fears that applying existing marriage laws equally to all citizens will force society down a slippery slope to accepting other unrelated things.

Ironically, interracial marriage might still be illegal today if only racists had thought to stoke the fear that it would inevitably lead to gay marriage! Instead, inevitably marriage equality won.

(Quoted from Thomas Kraemer, "The 'slippery slope' argument against gay marriage is specious," Gazette-Times, posted June 21, 2012)

On the same day another letter was printed by Tom Johnston, "Letter: Same-sex marriage leading to polygamy is an illogical idea," Gazette-Times, posted Jun. 21, 2012. Tom Johnston has been locally active in publically supporting his lesbian daughter. Other previous letters and links to previous posts include the following: