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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

OSU Pride Week flash mob and Dr. Sex on is gay normal

OSU Pride Week Flash Mob front page Barometer May 8, 2012, p. 1

PHOTO: Oregon State University Pride activities were featured in a front page photo by Vinay Bikkana, "Flash Mob," OSU Barometer, May 8, 2012, p. 1.

Also, the question if homosexuality is a mental disorder was covered in the weekly column by "Dr. Sex," who teaches sex education at OSU: Kathleen M. Greaves Ph.D, "Dr. Sex Column: On whether homosexuality is abnormal, Queer Pride Week," OSU Barometer, May 9, 2012, p. 4-5.

Coincidentally, the student newspaper Editorial Board, "Come on out Mr. President," Barometer, May 9, 2012, was printed on the same day that President Obama came out for gay marriage: Rick Klein, "Obama declares support for gay marriage," ABC OTUS News. posted May 9, 2012

See my previous post Gay frat boy's election shows progress toward equality at OSU (5/2/12) for an ad for OSU Pride week that ran next to my letter.